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Bridgewater Girls Softball League has been in existence since the 1980’s fielding teams each year for young women ages 6 to 18. Since 2000, enrollment has grown from 265 girls to 500 as of 2008. This increase in enrollment has caused a scheduling conflict for these players, as they have to utilize ten, sometimes eleven, different fields in four locations across town. The construction of four new fields in one location with adequate off-street parking would provide a much needed safety net for players and families.
The Town of Bridgewater has designated a portion of the property formerly knows as Hogg’s Farm as the future home of the Bridgewater Girls Softball League (BGSL). This exciting project is one that will serve the town’s recreational needs in so many ways an will benefit the children of Bridgewater for years to come.
With a donation of the plans and drawings from Silva Engineering we have designated the space, but there is still a long way to go before this dream becomes a reality. This project will consist of four fields made of stone dust or clay, which could also be used by others in town when not in use by the girl’s softball league. It is also the intent of the Softball League to install irrigation, fencing, dugouts, base pads, lights (on at least two fields), and a public address system. In addition, a much needed concession stand will be built allowing the young ladies a fundraising vehicle to become self-sustaining. (see field plan below)

Anticipated cost to build these fields is projected at approximately $800,000.00. The members of the softball league have already started fundraising through the sales of t-shirts, sweatshirts, calendars, Opening Day fundraising, miscellaneous donations, and money raised from a lemonade stand (which was done by some of the girls without any prompting).
We received a donation from the Jackie Moore Foundation to build the snack shack. We also received $200.000.00 from the towns Community Preservation Act (CPA) toward the project. With
the donation from The Jackie Moore, CPA, and monies raised through the league, we stand at approximately $480,000.00 and we will continue to fundraise. In order to keep things rolling, BGSL
is seeking donations to help in making existing plans or what we in BGSL like to call “The Girls
Field of Dreams” become a reality.
The League thanks you in advance for your consideration.
The Bridgewater Girls Softball League and its members.