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Rules - Minors Division

As adopted by the Rules Committee for the 2018 season.


1.0          GENERAL
       1.1   All players must have a registration on file with the League before being allowed to participate.
       1.2   Parents or guardians must inform their head coach of any disability that may affect the safety of a child.
2.0          CONDUCT
       2.1   Profane or abusive language or gestures from players, coaches, family, or spectators will not be tolerated by the league.   Any individual(s) responsible for such behavior will be removed from the field and the umpire may call a forfeit against the team that said individual(s) is/are affiliated with.
       2.2   Unsportsmanlike conduct (booing, taunting, refusal to shake hands) by or directed to any player, coach, family member, or spectator is strictly prohibited.  Any individual(s) responsible for such behavior will be removed from the field and the umpire may call a forfeit against the team that said individual(s) is/are affiliated with.
       2.3   Players must be present at 50% of the regular season games to participate in playoff games except when medically excused.
       2.4   Managers and coaches must avoid making calls to sway umpires calls.
       2.5   One (1) Coach is allowed to coach from the field while his/her team is on defense.  A coach in the field must be positioned behind 2nd base when a batter is in the batter’s box.
       2.6   In the event an Umpire does not show for a game, the home team will be required to designate an umpire for the game.
3.0          SAFETY
       3.1   Only players and coaches will be allowed in the dugout and on the playing field.
       3.2   All players not required to be on the field, must remain in the dugout.
       3.3   Players must notify or seek permission from a coach prior to leaving the playing area.
       3.4   No swinging of bats in or around the dugout except at the designated on-deck circle.
       3.5   Batting helmets must be worn by all batters (at Home Plate and On-Deck), and all Base-Runners. Helmets must be equipped with face guards and secured with chin straps.
       3.6   Safety bases must be used at first base.
       3.7   Once a player squares to bunt she may not then hit away.  The batter will be called out if she hits away once squaring to bunt.
       3.8   Pitchers are required, and 3rd basemen are encouraged, to wear face masks.
4.0        DRESS CODE
       4.1   A league issued team shirt  must be worn by players at all games, and must be the outermost garment.
       4.2   Full length pants must be worn. No shorts.
       4.3   Coaches are required to wear their league issued ID Card, or coaches shirt, at all BGSL sponsored events including, but not limited to, parades, opening day, games and practices.
       4.4   Jewelry  must not be worn. Recently pierced ears may have studs taped over.
5.0     GAME PLAY - A.S.A. Fast pitch rules are in effect using an 11 inch ball, except as noted below:
       5.1   Players who are going to be late for games will notify their coach as soon as possible.  Coaches must inform opposing coaches of late players. All late players will be entered at the end of the batting order unless they arrive prior to their scheduled first at-bat.
       5.2   Failure to begin a game within 10 minutes of the scheduled start will result in the forfeit of the game by the delaying team.  The umpire will declare a forfeit.
       5.3   If a team cannot field a minimum of seven (7) players then that team will forfeit the game.  If neither team can field a minimum of seven (7) then the team with the fewest players forfeits the game.  If both teams have equal amounts of players, and less than the minimum of seven (7) players, the game will count as a tie in the standings.
       5.4   10 players allowed in the field
    5.4.0 The short fielder must play a minimum of 5 feet behind the bases and base paths.
       5.5   Innings:
    5.5.0 Maximum of 6 innings  A legal game is 4 innings
    5.5.1 Each player is to play a minimum of 3 innings per game in the field
    5.5.2 No new innings to be started after 90 minutes.  The exception is during the playoffs where full legal games should be played as long as there is field availability.
  There is never an infield fly rule in effect.
       5.6   Run Ahead Rule: 10 run rule applies when a team is ahead by 10  or more runs after:
· 4 innings during the week (3.5 if the home team is ahead)
· 5 innings during weekend games (4.5 if the home team is ahead)
    5.6.0 Maximum of 4 runs per innings allowed except in the last inning.
       5.7   Pitchers:
    5.7.0 Pitcher may not pitch more than 4 innings per game and not more than 2 innings in a row.
    5.7.1 In an extra inning situation, coaches may use any pitcher who is eligible
    5.7.2 Windmill pitch is allowed
    5.7.3 A single pitch from the pitcher constitutes an inning.
    5.7.4 Any player on the team roster is eligible to pitch regardless of age.
    5.7.5 When the 4th ball is called during a particular AB, the coach of that batter will come in and pitch until there is either a strikeout or ball put into play.  When the coach is pitching, there will be no advancing to first by either a walk or hit by pitch.  Coaches should adhere to the following:
      A)      Coaches should always remain outside the field of play unless needed to pitch
      B)      A single coach may pitch to both teams, but only if requested by the opposing coach
      C)      Coaches should attempt to pitch from the rubber, but may move closer if needed in order to throw an accurate pitch
      D)     Coaches should attempt to throw flat pitches (without arc) with as similar velocity (as the current pitcher) as possible  
      E)      Other than throwing the pitch, coaches should not be involved when a ball is put into play
    5.7.6 A pitcher must be removed from pitching if she hits 3 batters during the game.
    5.7.7 Pitching  rubber is to a distance of 35 feet from the back of home plate
    5.7.8 Coaches are allowed two trips to the mound per inning.  On the 3rd trip, the pitcher must be removed (unless reason for visit is injury).
       5.8   Stealing:
    5.8.1 Players may steal 2nd and 3rd  once the ball leaves the pitchers hand.
    5.8.2 A runner on 3rd base cannot steal home or go home on a passed ball by the catcher or advance on a throw down to second base.
    5.8.3 Overthrows to Bases:  Runners may only advance one base for an overthrow that leaves the field but do so at the risk of being put out.
       5.9   Leading:
    5.9.1 A player cannot leave the base until the ball leaves the pitchers hand. 
       5.1   Sliding: A runner will be called out if she does not slide or attempt to avoid contact with a fielder in the process of fielding a batted or thrown ball to the base.
       6.1   Game cancellations due to weather will be determined by the Minor Division Commissioner.
       6.2   Head coaches for each team will be notified of cancellations no later than 1 hour before the scheduled game start time. Coaches must then notify their team of the cancellation.

Make-ups will be at the discretion of the Minor Division Commissioner.

       6.4   Cancellation of practices at the discretion of the team coach.